I'm Lola.

I'm a writer, podcaster, creative business coach, and the founder of One Girl Band (a bit of a slashie!).

I’m based in Brighton, UK with my puppy Barney.

my story

I started my first business, LH design, after a redundancy and a realisation that I was going to have to create the job and life I desired rather than searching relentlessly for it and putting the power into other people’s hands. I decided not to go to University - instead I plonked myself into ‘adult’ life and moved out of my family home at 17, and with a string of mental health issues (hello my old friends, anxiety and depression), I wasn’t exactly the dream candidate for a conventional job.

Starting a paper goods brand with just an internet connection, ink and some paper was truly exciting and I knew it was my calling. I felt in my bones that this was what I was meant to do with my life; to be a creative living off of my wares and having the flexibility to live life how I desired to. But, at the beginning, that’s not how it panned out.

I worked lonely 12 hour days from my living room; not leaving the house for anything apart from to take orders to the post office and never allowing myself to just y’know, breathe, because I thought that’s what 'proper' business owners did. I made sweet F-A when it came to money. I was being told by those marketing gurus you see pop up on social media that I didn’t have a chance of being successful if I didn’t hustle every day. That if I had spare time, it meant I was a failure. And because I genuinely didn’t know any better (and I was desperate), I believed them. I worked myself to the ground; eventually burning out so bad that I ended up in hospital with a fractured skull after collapsing from exhaustion and illness. I know- drama.

After realising ‘busy doesn’t equal success’ and that rest and balance was more important than running myself into the ground trying to prove myself, I soon changed my life and my business around. I set boundaries, came up with systems and processes that changed my routine and scheduling for the better, and grew to trust myself and my intuition. I started doing business my way -- not the way I was being told I should do by all of the noise, all of the ‘watch this webinar and have quadruple figure month’s forEVER’s or ‘get 10,000 newsletter subscribers by buying my e-course that won’t actually tell you anything apart from to buy my OTHER e-course’.

I started creating a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs and creatives who felt the same as me. They felt like they weren't ordinary, like they had something to offer, but their inner critics and outside influences were telling them they weren't anything special. Like many modern entrepreneurs, I was spending my days on Instagram seeing these badass women who were doing their own thing and who were craving some connection, support and empowerment. I knew I needed to get them in the same room in real life, and in 2015, One Girl Band was created. 

After being told that the words from my blog posts and newsletters were helping people to get up and start demanding more from their creative ventures, I started coaching. I'll admit, it was weird for me to call myself a coach at the beginning. What gave me the right to think I could take up that space? What could I, a girl with 4 GCSE's and a staple diet of baked beans, pasta and cheese actually offer? When I realised that that was my inner critic spewing her usual bull I snapped out of it and began my journey of coaching female entrepreneurs and creatives who wanted to start a business or wanted to level-up their current venture. I closed the doors to LH design in 2017 in order to put all of my focus into my coaching practise and OGB and now I'm living a life that 17-year-old-me wouldn't have believed was possible.

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what I do and who I do it for

I help female entrepreneurs and creatives who either want to start their journey as a small business owner or want to get to the next level of their creative venture. Sound familiar?

I truly believe we all hold the power to be the success we dream of being. We just might not know what that looks like yet and that’s what I’m here to help you with. I’m here to guide you to your best life by getting you clear on your ‘why’ and your big vision, creating actionable goals and building your confidence and self-belief to sky-high heights. I’m here to help you get shit done.

my values

Here is what I stand for and what I carry through in my coaching practise:

  • Busy doesn’t equal success - giving yourself space, rest and care is more important than anything else.

  • Smart work over hard work - you get the best results from work that is intentional and purposeful, not just from the 'hustle'.

  • Progress not perfection - What you put out into the world doesn't have to be spick and span. Trust me -- as the ultimate control freak and perfectionist, it took me awhile to understand that but getting something done well rather than done perfectly takes a lot of the pressure off.

  • Community over competition- I'm a huge believer in the notion that there's room for everyone at the table. We're all doing our own thing our way so why get caught up in the comparison trap?

  • We all have different versions of success - When you hear me say 'your version of success', this is what I mean. We all have completely unique ways of thinking, creating + being, so we're all going to have different versions and beliefs on what we think is 'success'. Some might want to be on the telly; others might want enough time to spend with family, and both of those versions are a-ok. It's about whatever you want to achieve.

  • We all have infinite capabilities- just because we haven’t done it before doesn’t mean we never will. It’s 50% hard work 50% believing in the magic that it’ll happen.

  • Being 100% you- I'm a stickler for letting your freak flag fly and being yourself in the face of adversity. The most two important values for me is authenticity and integrity- it's why I'm a bit sweary and don't try for a second to be a 'conventional' coach. I just try and be 100% myself.

  • You have permission to take up space - no matter who you are, what your background is, what your story says-- you have permission to be the person you want to be. Whether that's a writer, designer, musician, VA, stylist, maker, PR, coach- you can be whatever you want to be if you're constantly showing up, bringing your best work to the table and not letting the noise bring you down.


Here are my other projects:


ogb Letters

I show up in your inbox with real, human insights into the journey of a One Girl Band. It's where I share my lessons and insights, things that have inspired me and anything else that I want to put out there.

the podcast

I host The One Girl Band podcast which is for female entrepreneurs and creatives who work for and by themselves. They're meant as little pep talks to help empower and support you on your self-employed journey.

speaking events

I'm sometimes asked to speak at events about my story as a young creative entrepreneur, being a woman in business and community over competition. If you'd like me to give my two-pence at your event, do get in touch. 


upcoming speaking gigs:

For Working Ladies // 31st January 2018, Devonshire Club London

Weekend.In 'How to Build a Brand' // 16th March 2018, Push PR London

Brighton Oasis Project Panel Brunch // 22nd March 2018, Grand Hotel Brighton

The Healthy Business Hub // 30th May 2018, B&H Therapies Brighton

The Secrets to Self-Promotion Panel // 21st June 2018, Conde Nast London

Weekend.In 'How to Build a Brand' // 23rd June 2018, Vine Club Brighton