love yourself, love yourself, love yourself

In amongst the onslaught of ‘things I’ve achieved this year’ posts and highlight reels of other’s 2018 (no bad vibes for those sort of posts- you’ve got to celebrate the wins!), let me be the one to say: if you’ve accomplished sweet F-A this year, know that that is more than ok.

If you look back at your goals from the beginning of the year and see that perhaps you haven’t hit that target or reached a milestone you were so wanting to hit, that is ok. If all you did was survive, that is ok. You’re here and that is the important part. Be proud of that. Hold onto that pride and use it to get through the rest of the mess because here’s the thing: you’re never done growing.

You’ll have epiphanies and moments of clarity as well as snippets of joy and contentment in amongst the days of trudging through the mud and not being able to lift your head out of bed. There isn’t just one state of living and we’re making it harder on ourselves by wishing for that. All we can do is cling to the little things. The little things are the parts of life to strive for; not consistent happiness or success. They are what will keep you going in some way or another; that first cup of tea in the morning, hearing a song that’s saved you again and again in a moment you need it the most, those hazy 3am moments with people you love, a sentence filled with words that feel like they were written for you.

I’m usually a stickler for business and personal goals but I’m changing things up next year and not setting any at all. All I’m setting is an intention to cling to snippets of joy- audacious and unbridled joy. Around this time, I usually do a post about what I’ve ~learned~ over the past 12 months but honestly, I don’t have the freaking energy. All I know is that you’ve got to keep loving yourself. Even when you’ve fucked up numerous times; even when you think you’re unworthy of any love, let alone your own. You are not too much or not enough. You are you and that you is oh so worthy. 

That’s it from me this year; I’ll be back in 2019 with new things. Thank you for sticking around over the past few months, it truly means the world. ✍️Words from ‘Television’ by @idlesband.

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