instagram is not the be end and end all of your business (or life)

If you’re pranging over the amount of followers you’ve lost overnight thanks to Instagram’s cleanup/glitch, here’s a little reminder: there is more to life than this app. There is more to business than this app.

I used to be so wrapped up in IG; constantly worrying about numbers and posting schedules, thinking that my business was failing because a picture did ‘badly’, doubting my worth because I wasn’t getting above a certain number. It wasn’t until a lightbulb moment a few years back that I realised I was putting all my eggs in the Insta basket and in turn, putting my business (and my general happiness) at risk. I got so trapped in the popularity contest that is social media that I didn’t even notice I wasn’t being myself on here (it’s only now I read my old captions and think ‘who the heck is that!?’) and honestly, that scared me enough to stop scrolling, put down the phone and stop giving the fucks.

Instagram is not the be end and end all of your life, let alone your business. Yes, it’s a great tool; it bridges the gap between your brand and your customers and can create wonderful opportunities (not to mention the pretty great memes and an endless stream of Timothée Chalamet pictures) but only if you’re using it with that mindset. If you’re using it to get as many followers as possible (real or not) or to get brownie points from strangers, then your business isn’t going to survive through IG’s demise (because it’s probably coming!). After that realisation, I changed the narrative. I put energy into other things like the podcast, writing and y’know, having a coffee without taking 50 pictures of it first. I took a four month break last year and if anything, my income has almost doubled. I put more focus and effort into cultivating community and giving real value over how ‘busy’ I seemed. I post so much less now and that’s because I want to give value rather than noise. I’m more ‘me’, even if that doesn’t look like the usual business account. If you feel like you’re failing because your account isn’t growing or that everyone seems to be doing cool things on here, remember that you are worthy no matter what. Just listen to your gut and do what’s right for you.

Lola HoadComment