no one has their shit together.

The majority of conversations I’ve had with my coaching clients this week have circled around this notion that everyone but you seems to have their shit together so I wanted to spell out That. Is. Not. True. No one has their shit together.

I can pretty much guarantee that the people you believe to be successful or ‘big’ are struggling with the exact same sort of inner diatribe. We’re in this cycle of believing we’re not as skilled or as brilliant or as confident compared to others when those others are feeling the exact same as you and its stopping us from pursuing what we want which is bloody heartbreaking.

In this hyper-connected, hyper-competitive society we’re living in, it’s easy to forget that we don’t see what’s behind these squares. We see the highlight reel; not the full picture. We might think someone seems to have swanned up to success in a short amount of time but we don’t see the shit and the mess and the bad days that people go through to get to where they are now.  

What’s that quote about how overnight successes have 10+ years behind them? It’s true. No one knows what they’re doing. We’re all googling how to do things after we’ve nonchalantly agreed to do them (100% me).

There is no secret formula or special hashtag or silver bullet that will get you to where you want to be. You don’t need to know everything or know exactly where you’re going. Just trust that it will all work out. Understanding this takes daily practise; don’t feel bad if you’re in the midst of comparison as we’ve got years of conditioning to untangle, that’ll take time. Just remember that you are doing enough. You are creating enough. You are showing up enough. You are being enough. Don’t let your inner critic or anyone else who claims to have the ~magic solution to success~ tell you otherwise.

Lola HoadComment