we're going to need you to talk about it.

I’ll have been doing this self-employed song and dance for 5 years this May — and although it’s gotten a lot easier, self-promotion can still feel icky. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to come across all 80’s car salesman or like that person who you went to school with and haven’t seen for 10 years adds you to one of those MLM Facebook groups in a bid to sell you some mascara you definitely don’t need (or want, for that matter). Usually, our fear of shouting about what we do and doing so unapologetically stems from our inner critics telling us that we’re not worthy, our work is shoddy, we’re being annoying, that no-one will want to buy and ultimately, we‘ll fail.

But here are some truths for you:

• People won’t know you and your products or services if you don’t shout about them. As self employed/freelancer/small business owner/general doing-it-for-yourself person, if you’re not telling people about you and your brand, they’re not going to know about you. We can’t expect our audiences to be mind-readers!

• Keeping quiet isn’t helping anyone. By breaking the silence and talking about your work, you’re helping other women (because, typically, it’s women who can have a hard time promoting their work) give themselves permission to do the same. And of course, you’re making your work visible for people who need it. By speaking up, you’re making the world a bit of a better place.

• You. are. not. being. annoying. There’s a reason people follow what you do and they’re more than happy for you to post about what pays your bills because guess what- they like you, they want you to succeed. As long as you’re balancing out your promotional chat with other things like sharing other people’s work, what inspires you, what your dog looks like today, you don’t need to worry about being ‘annoying’.

• You are shit-hot at what you do. You really are. You’re giving your time and energy and effort and money into making your dream happen; creating incredible things for strangers and changing their lives (or at least making it a bit more tolerable). You have a special gift and the world needs to hear about it; so we’re going to need you to talk about it.

Lola HoadComment