a month in glasgow

I’ve lived in Glasgow for a month now and, without hyperbole, it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ll write about it properly one day but ultimately, I'm happy here. It's taken a long time to say those words.

I still have to work hard to practice that every day, though; it doesn't take a lot to put me back into my old thought patterns. I guess you could say I'm still ironing out the kinks. It's just about cutting yourself some slack and accepting that you're not going to 'get over it' in the designated time society tells you to. It's about going at your own pace and focusing on those little snippets of joy over a constant state of happiness (something we’re not programmed to be in). It's "putting your joy and wellbeing first and refusing to entertain anything that doesn't add value to your life (thanks @theslumflower for those words: they're sat above my desk)”.

So, I could apologise for the incredibly self-indulgent post and downplay everything but honestly, I’m very fucking proud of myself and am oh so very grateful for the pals who have taken me in and made me feel welcome from day dot. I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough. [and big love to @thetwilightsadfor your constant strength and support and graffiti ⬆️]

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