you are born 'enough'.

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is why we’re always striving to be ‘better’ versions of ourselves, constantly wanting to change and create a ‘new us’.

Why do we hardly ever feel complete the way we already are right now? There’s a need (or rather obsession) to know who we are and where we’re going and why we’re going this way or that way and ‘when will I be the person I want to be?’, when really, as one of my best pals said to me in amongst the mess, ‘we do bloody well enough to get up, eat brekkie and have a poop to be honest’.

You don’t have to reinvent yourself. You’re already there. You’re born ‘enough’. You’re complete. Maybe it’s less about being a better you and more about chipping away at all those layers of conditioning, expectations and fear. We don’t need to buy into this culture of ‘you’re not doing enough or being enough therefore you’re a bad person’. Sure, I could probably stand to be more patient and to eat less croissants but right now, I’m enough as I am. And so are you. As long as you’re not being a dick to others (or at least making amends when you are a dick- that’s the kicker), you’re self aware and are clear on your boundaries, that’s all you can really do. Just be fucking kind and that’s the ‘best’ version you can be.

Lola HoadComment