Lola Hoad

Hiya - I'm Lola, and I'm a creative business coach for female entrepreneurs, amongst a few other things.

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Are you ready to find clarity, focus, purpose and joy in your business again? Or are you wanting to get started on that amazing idea you've got, with a helping hand and someone to keep you accountable? 

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the One Girl Band podcast

I host The One Girl Band podcast which is for female entrepreneurs and creatives who work for and by themselves. They're meant as little pep talks to help empower and support you on your self-employed journey.


Every month, I show up in your inbox with real, human insights into being a One Girl Band and the lessons I learn along the way.



After speaking with Lola I feel more focused and I have definitive targets and goals, something that I found hard to stick to before. Lola puts you straight at ease and is so understanding. It’s easy to open up to her and discuss the nitty-gritty stuff that’s holding you back.
— Claire // Girls Gotta Script
I was feeling quite stuck & indecisive about my business and I felt Lola could help re-focusing me. I’m definitely more focused and I now know what I need to sit down and get done. Lola’s coaching style is very friendly and personable. She makes you feel that she really cares and is there to support you. She uses her knowledge and personal experience to help guide you through how to move forward and feel better. She knows what she’s talking about as she’s done it.
— Debbie // Debmon Design
My Power Session with Lola was so inspiring and better than I could’ve asked for. Having my ideas brought together has helped me to have a clear view on where to begin. I also have a new found confidence in myself and my new business. The whole approach was friendly and I loved having Lola bounce off ideas with me. I now feel so inspired to get going and I’m so happy I have Lola as a mentor through this exciting time.
— Rebecca de Havas // RDH Paper