"Thank you so much for my Power Session-- I came away feeling inspired and motivated, and I now feel confident to make some big decisions moving forward!"


"I hired Lola because I wanted to incentivise myself to think seriously about marketing and where I want my project to go next. She was wicked at asking the right questions to prompt me to really think about my business' focus. I really identified with Lola, think she's doing an awesome job with her own businesses (massively leading by example!) and I'm taking crafting my brand more seriously since meeting her. Her coaching style is personable, relatable and thought-provoking. If you're thinking of hiring Lola, I'd say DO IT. It's so helpful to get an external perspective, especially one that is smart, warm and kind. Which is what you will get with Lola. I'm really pleased I went ahead and booked!"

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"I booked a Power Session with Lola as I felt I was at a crossroads of which direction to take my business next. I've discovered better ways to manage time, organisation skills and other ways that help me use my time more efficiently. Lola helped me set clear goals and ways to progress with my business in new directions, helped to inspire me and look at things with fresh eyes. If anyone is looking for a friendly and creative lady to bounce ideas off of Lola is your girl. After speaking with Lola I felt refreshed and inspired to get out there and approach my new goals and ideas. If your stuck in any kind of business rut you are sure to come away inspired!"


Debbie - Debmon Design

"I was feeling quite stuck & indecisive about my business and I felt Lola could help re-focusing me. I'm definitely more focused and ready to charge forward with my business. I now know what I need to just sit down and get done before I consider anything else. Lola's coaching style is very friendly and personable. She makes you feel that she really cares and is there to support you. She uses her knowledge and personal experience to help guide you through how to move forward and feel better. She knows what she's talking about as she's done it. She's super helpful and supportive. I'd also recommend you give her podcast a listen to get a taste of how she operates."

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"I was unsure of what steps to take next in my small business. I follow Lola on Instagram and from what I've read I value Lola's point of view and advice. With the help of Lola, I've discovered that I shouldn't doubt myself, I really need to build up my confidence and stop comparing myself to others. More doing and less procrastinating. After speaking with Lola I feel more focused and I have definitive targets and goals, something that I found hard to stick to before. Lola puts you straight at ease and is so understanding. It's easy to open up to her and discuss the nitty-gritty stuff that's holding you back. If you want a kick up the arse and to address some goals, Lola will give you that little push to get you going. Her advice is down to earth, realistic and reassuring."