Pinterest Round Up (18/6/14)

Bien Fait Surfbreeze Sweatshirt | Madewell

palm / banana leaf branding |

Les 6 Architectes | Papier Tigre

Fern and Marble | Source Unknown

I'll See It When I Believe It | Source Unknown

1. I've never really been a fan of slogan-adorned clothes, yet ever since seeing the Comme Ci Comme Ca Whistles sweatshirt, promising myself I'd buy it when I had the money, and then seeing it sell out EVERYWHERE, I've been searching for a replica. I love the thin type on this as well.

2. Geometrics. Blue, pink. From Papier Tigre. That's all.

3. If you can't tell already, I am a massive agricultural fan, and if it's mixed with graphics then you're onto a winner in my books! The mix of green palm leaves and white thin borders works so well. I'm very, very jealous.

4. These two pieces work so well together. Both natural and organic, even though one has been manipulated by man, you wouldn't normally see them together but they look beautiful. I'm definitely keeping this mix in mind when I'm thinking of new interiors.

5. Annoyingly, the link on the pin went to a tumblr so I don't know the source (however, as usual, if you know give me a shout and I'll change it) I am a huge fan of large type installations, and with it being in this bright, industrial setting, I can imagine it's pretty stunning in real life.

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