instagram round-up: july


1. A Hi to July. We had a lovely start to the month in business terms, with wholesale opportunities popping up, as well as a new site.

2. We managed to go to BST Hyde Park on Arcade Fire's day and it was unbelievable. I've only recently gotten into them after years of stubborn-ness (thought there was too much hype around them), but after Primavera I bought all their discography and have been listening non-stop. This day was superb, with perfect views and weather, and I didn't stop smiling for quite a while after! 

3. We've had an unusually hot and sticky summer here. This means the Birks are back in action and are killing my feet one blister at a time. I had to get the Topshop version as my feet are too thin for the real ones, and they don't take kindly to miles of walking unlike the others, so I'm having to go out guarded in pre-emptive plasters. They still look pretty though!

4. A snapshot from where I wrote that blog post that got a lot of interaction. 

5. Each year, these beautiful hydrangeas bloom outside the flat. There's a specific time around noon where the sun shines through the bushes and creates a beautiful light trail next to them. I'm forever running out and trying to capture it.

6. The day I fixed my printer and could continue with a massive wholesale order. To say the least, I was shouting 'YAY' all the way through packaging, after a horrible day spending lots of money trying to get it running again. Featuring our little Venus Fly Trap and our horrible, dark coffee table that doesn't help photos.

7. I got these postcards printed for our next craft show that was meant to be this Saturday but has been postponed due to Pride, so I'll let you know the new date nearer the time. 

8. The morning before I got my mop cut off. It's so nice not getting my hair caught in bags, umbrellas, anything that comes within a few inches of it. I'm still getting used to the shortness, but lovely Claire at Electric did such a good job! I'll show you all when I'm more comfortable with it/don't think I look like an 8 year old.

9. The Twilight Sad at The Lexington.