interior galore: lots of light and wooden floors

Like most people who rent (i.e most of us. According to this Telegraph article, the number of people living in private rented accommodation has risen from 2.2million in 2002/03 to nearly 3.9million last year), we don't have a great deal of choice or say when it comes to our decor. 
I won't get all moany about our flat (I REALLY could, but I won't!) but there isn't a lot to work with, so I tend to rely on good old interior magazines or Pinterest to get my fix of beautiful spaces. And daydream about that beautiful house I told you all about a few posts ago. In the spirit of Wayne's World, She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.

At the moment, I'm in love with big, delightful rooms that let in lots of light and have a mix of wooden floors with lovely, comfy furniture. Here are a few rooms that I'd like to live in, and will definitely be taking inspiration from when we have our own place.

1. Goldy Details by j Levau Blog
Of course, any room that has an Eames chair in is going to be a beautiful room. Gorgeous light patterns, as well as that lovely, utilitarian coffee table.

2. Black floors by Coco Lapine Design
I reckon this could be the one. The black floor works incredibly well with the white walls, and the grey rug is a brilliant addition.

3. line by design and form
 Magazines piled up as a make-shift surface is genius. I especially adore the coffee table and dreamy-looking sofa.

4. pastel living room by source unknown (boo!)
How gorgeous is this!? I think I'm willing to surpass my grey sofa obsession for this little beauty. Pastel colours with a mix of dark, wooden floors make a lovely combination.

Next week, I'll be looking at bedrooms, and how white linen isn't something to be afraid of.