oh to be motivated part two

Hi all! 

First of all, thank you for all the support over my last post. I was overwhelmed by how many of you it reached and I hope some of you stayed! 

Now, on with the next part of our little motivation series. I started the series last week when I was a bit down in the dumps and full of self-doubt, but now I'm getting back to my usual work-work-work self, so I'll probably be a bit more helpful! So here is the second tip.

2. Get out of the house.

Working from home can be brilliant. Constant food access. Come Dine With Me. Say Yes to the Dress. But, we all know we can't sit on the sofa all day, asking if she's saying yes to the dress. We need to work. And we do that, constantly. Possibly even more so than people who work in an office/away from home (possibly!). But then we have that phase in the month, year or even day where our minds start to turn on us and we just can't work. Minutes turn to hours, staring at a screen where no real work is taking place. And we start to turn on the telly. The point of no return. 
The same scenery day after day within four walls, with no reason to leave the house apart from post office/supply runs can do this, which is why we NEED fresh air to make sure we don't go a little crazy. 

If I'm super busy (which is most days), and I've been working on a screen for 12 hours straight with no lunch or even a slight movement from my desk, my boyfriend will know. And he'll text a friendly reminder to get off my butt and go outside. I take a bit of convincing sometimes, but eventually I'm off out having a little walk around my neighbourhood, and I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that is without a doubt beautiful. 
These walks are mostly me telling myself that I'm going to buy this certain house, one road away from the seafront. It has this gorgeous Farrow and Ball-lacquered door, and lovely sash windows, with these beautiful hydrangeas blooming outside. That's the reminder I need to continue working hard and to one day, buy that house.

Even if you take a walk to get some fresh air, or to people-watch, or grab a coffee in your local cafe, just make sure you get out a few times a week. It'll do wonders for your work ethic (as well as your mentality!), and you might find that motivation again.