summer hair inspiration

Long hair and sticky heat do not mix.

 I re-discover this every year, yet I don't do anything about it out of fear of regretting it. However, today after getting too hot and bothered with stringy pieces of hair flying everywhere at the beach, ultimately resulting in me going home in a huff, I booked an appointment to have a chop! 

Here are a few ideas I'm looking at. Last year was the longest my hair had ever been (as a result of not having a shower in our old flat and having to wash my hair with a jug once a week!), but in October, I had it cut to an asymmetric lob that was probably a bit too long due to me being a wuss. Now it's back at the lower back level, and I haven't had a haircut since (I know, rank. Try telling my bank account that), I think i'll go for an even shorter lob this time. I'll do a post of before and after as well (if it turns out alright!).

(annoyingly, I couldn't find sources for any of these. If you know/am the owner, please let me know so I can link!)