style picks // september

image source unknown (shout if you know!)
lettering by me

Autumn/Winter is my absolute favourite time of year.

Maybe it's because of my 'grungy' pre-teen years (oh god), but I prefer a time when I can wear all black and not melt in the thick, british summer heat. Black, grey and white (with maybe a few more breton tops than I'd like to admit) take up the majority of my wardrobe, and I don't think that will change this year, even with all these beautiful pastel cocoon coats popping up. The brightest item I have is this maroon boyfriend coat I've worn for the past few winters, but I'm ready to get rid of it as it's notoriously hard to pair things with, and is half made with angora (if you remember the outrage last winter with Topshop etc and those poor bunnies), so I'm on the look-out for a lovely long black duster coat. I've also grown very accustomed to trousers paired with crew neck jumpers and brogues/trainers, so I'll continue that throughout winter. I may even finally purchase a white oversized shirt as I bet I'm the only designer who doesn't own one!
All in all, I need a heck of a load of new clothes, so this post is just a little wish list for this Autumn/Winter, both realistic and unrealistic.

1. Clean Edge Wool Coat in Black | Cos
2. Cliche Logo Knit | Whistles
3. Cotton Oversized Shirt | Topshop
4. Stripe Ribbed Sweat | Topshop Boutique
5. Medium Cracked Clutch | Whistles