interior galore: hanging clothes rail

image source Nordic Design // lettering by me

Some exciting news (hopefully this won't jinx it as it's been jinxed enough!) but we're finally going to be able to get out of this mould-infested, dark, leaky roofed flat. Albeit it means moving back in with my parents, but I'm admitting defeat and realising it's actually going to be alright. However, that's another post for another day, but it does mean that we can completely decorate our room exactly how we want it! No landlords saying no, I'm finally going to have that Nordic-inspired, contemporary bedroom, as well as an actual space to work! No more sitting at the living room table, not being able to switch off in the evenings.

The one thing I'd love to have in the room would be a hanging clothes rail. I've gotten used to using rails since we had to move everything out of our bedroom due to mould, and since I've been withering my wardrobe down to the essentials, G and I can probably fit all of our things onto one. I love the idea of hanging it from the ceiling, as it creates more space and gives a contemporary feel. I'll try and hunt down a long, thick branch and dip-paint it white, as well as use wire crates for underwear etc, and place them underneath the rail.

image source Cocolapine 

image source Nordic Days

image source Trendenser

image source unknown