one-girl band- the fun stuff and the not-so fun stuff of being self-employed

the fun stuff

  • Unlimited food 
  • No one telling you to stop eating all that food
  • Working your own set hours 
  • That lovely feeling of satisfaction when you've succeeded at something, any little thing. It was you who did that, all by yourself. 
  • Getting to know other self-employed people, and knowing someone out there understands why you can't just have a lie-in or stay in your pajamas's all day just because you work from home.  
  • You can carry on for hours when inspiration strikes. You don't have to go home at 5pm, you can stay up all night working, if you want to.
  • The ability to work from anywhere. Coffee shop, the park, wherever. 
  • Having the freedom to go outside for a walk if the not-so-fun stuff takes over.

the not-so-fun stuff

  • There's most probably, definitely not unlimited food. You rely heavily on orders and booking jobs to get money, which goes straight back into the business anyway. 
  • And on that note, it can get incredibly scary when you're working constantly, yet no orders are coming in. It's all down to you to get that food.
  • That overwhelming, all-consuming feeling of guilt for slightly slacking, or when you're sick. You're probably not even slacking and you're definitely ill and need rest, but because you're at home and because it's your business, you feel like all hours of the day must be productive.
  • Being alone all day until your partner/roommate/cat comes home from their work.
  • Feeling all cooped up and starting to go a little bit insane, so you go out for a coffee with money you can't afford to spend.
  • People are constantly asking if you're looking for another job. This is my job! I don't need another! 

As any job, self-employment can have its perks and its downfalls. But, at the end of the day, this is all you, and that in itself is so bloody brave. If you feel like the not-so-fun stuff is piling up on you, just remember that. The hardest step is being brave and starting your business, and you've done it, so work hard and it'll fall into place eventually!

Part of the one-girl band series- a series looking at being the one-girl-band behind your small business, plus the trails and tribulations that come with being self-employed.