the perfect weekend

  • wake up early but willingly
  • wrap up in lots of layers and walk along the seafront, sea mist and all
  • head back into the warm and make breakfast (scrambled egg with spinach on toast, a coffee for me and tea for G)
  • lounge around for a few hours, read, put the phone down (no wanting to be busy to 'make use of the day')
  • head out into the lanes, dip into inspiring shops, don't feel guilty for spending on something beautiful
  • grab lunch (a burrito of course), and see old friends
  • walk back home through the park, kick leaves about like a seven year-old
  • read some more
  • start dinner, or indulge in a takeaway because it's been a hard week and you need vegetable spring rolls NOW
  • dance around to 80's tracks, annoy G

  • have a lie-in 
  • head out for breakfast, read the papers (or, if you'd rather, the supplements) 
  • go for another chilly, winter walk along the seafront 
  • get food for the week 
  • go back home and just relax for a few hours, no phone, no laptop.
  • have a bath, and pamper with skincare
  • read in bed with a tea, and get an early night