christmas challenge pt 1 // lh design's gift guide

To begin the christmas challenge, here is our own gift guide/christmas shop overview for the holiday season. As mentioned before, if you purchase from LH design this Christmas, you're supporting a one girl band and her livelihood (me!). As every other independent maker, I put my whole heart and soul into this little business (without sounding lame) and I can't tell you all how much your orders support my day-to-day life, as well as making this venture bigger and better. So, buy away!

Ho Ho Ho A6 Greeting Card 

Eat Well, Travel Often A4 Print // for the foodies and adventurers

Merry and Bright A6 Greeting Card

Wander For a Bit A4 Print // for the wanderlusters

Noel A6 Greeting Card

Wish Less, Do More A4 Print // for the workspace

Let It Snow A6 Greeting Card

Never Forget Why You Started A4 Print // for the hard workers

It's The Most Wonderful Time A6 Greeting Card

Always Choose the Adventure A4 Print // for the home

Let It Snow A4 Print

If I Know What Love Is A4 Print // for the lovers

Winter Things A6 Greeting Card

You Me and the Dog A4 Print // for the dog lovers

All I Want For Christmas A6 Greeting Card

Be So Good A4 Print // for the graduates

It's Christmas! (Lets Get Drunk) A6 Greeting Card