christmas challenge pt 2 // for him

Now, I'm not one for gender dividing but just to make this is all organised and concise, I'll be continuing on the christmas challenge for guys, gals, little ones etc. Let's start with the tricky one, eh?

I'm awful at buying presents for guys, and it doesn't help that there isn't a great deal of choice on the high street. Independents, however, have tonnes. If you also struggle to get the guys in your life something other than a grooming set/socks, have a look at this first list for the christmas challenge.

1. Small Talk Print // House Envy  
2. Pump Street Bakery Chocolate // The Future Kept 
3. Big, Medium or Small Monthly Planner // Naked Lunge  
4. Indoor Desk Allotment // The Little House Shop

I've also just found this brilliant site, thanks to Unique Boutique and their post about this challenge, called Hive. Rather than heading to a certain global online retailer for your other half's books and DVDS, head to Hive and you'll be able to collect your items from a local independent shop or bookshop. Every order you make, that business will receive a percentage of your purchase (even if it's directly sent to your home), and postage is free on all UK orders. 

A brilliant alternative. Now there's no excuse!
 (Apart from Frozen merchandise, I know. That's a tricky one)