interior galore // oh christmas tree...

One of my favourite parts of Christmas (excluding whisky galore and being with family, yadada) is decorating the home in holiday cheer. Ever since I was little, the 3rd December was spent getting the decorations down from the loft, putting fairy lights up and covering the tree in tinsel for only my mum to take it all down when I went to bed (which I now see as a very good move). This year, I've had to wait a little longer due to the move, so whilst unpacking a whole house, I'm going to have to multitask and festively decorate at the same time. It's going to be interesting finding a tree on Christmas Eve too, but I'm hoping it'll just add to the excitement. Here are a few examples of holiday interiors I'll be taking some inspiration from.

1. Christmas Tree // Pin 
2. White Ornaments // Pin 

3. Black and White // Pin  
4. Greenery Wreath // Pin 

5. Simple Scandi Tree // Pin 
6. Simple Ornaments // Pin