a new year, and the kindness of others

Hello! I'm back from a quick festive break (if 'break' means trying to stay away from the computer/emails/any sort of work but failing miserably, then that). 

Quite a bit has happened over the past few weeks. The new collection was finalised, as well as a brand new site platform and blog design (more on that in a bit). G and I headed up to Glasgow with my Dad on my birthday. It was somewhat a landmark birthday, but I honestly couldn't tell the difference from any other day, my brain was far too focused on moving in! We then moved in the next day and I spent plenty of non-sleeping hours on getting it sorted. On a sad note, my beloved best doggy pal Holly sadly passed, and I was an absolute wreck. She was meant to be coming down with my parents when they moved in, but she had an operation that she couldn't really recover from. She was the greatest dog though, and the prettiest greyhound you ever did see, which is why I'm slightly glad I didn't see her. She was a little trooper.

As for the new site, new blog, new collection (new everything!), I've decided 2015 is going to be the year LH Design gets serious. I've got big plans for this year that I am a little scared about, but I like to believe that's when you're serious about doing something. When there is a little bit of fear there, but a whole lot more dedication and commitment to get it right. 

I knew that the branding needed some fine-tuning, and needed to look less amateur and a bit more minimal, professional. I also wanted to have a separate, more 'me' site to Etsy, so we're now on Big Cartel as our main site, with a notonthehighstreet.com page hopefully coming this week. The Etsy shop will still be running however, but just won't be my main focus. 

With the blog, I've wanted so desperately to have a revamp for a long time. The old blogger theme wasn't working and made me cringe every time I posted something. I was hoping to do it when I was doing the new site, but with Christmas madness and wholesale orders overpowering everything, I didn't think I would have the time. Then, came along my saviour, Chloe from a little birdy blog! The absolute lovely Chloe emailed asking if she could code a new theme for me, and as I swoon whenever I look at her Instagram, I was more than happy to get her to do it. She couldn't have been more attentive and hard working, especially considering the 2am email chats with her over in New Zealand and me in Brighton. She's a right star, with a beautiful eye for design.

I hope you enjoy the new bits and bobs, and that the new prints might catch your eye. I think they're my favourite yet. 

As a New Years treat, feel free to download the above image here and pop it on your Instagram feed (with credit pretty please).