style picks // short hair inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I had a bit of a fancy chop last week. The lovely Claire at Electric Brighton has always been a saviour when it comes to my hair, which doesn't see scissors for at least a year at a time, and regularly darkens if it's not seen any sunlight.
I hadn't had my hair professionally coloured since the Brunette Disaster of 2008 (don't watch Sex and The City 2 after a break-up, you'll think doing a 'Carrie' and dying your hair to re-invent yourself is a good idea) (better yet, don't watch Sex and The City 2, it's awful) so it desperately needed doing. I also wanted to be brave and go a bit shorter than I have been going for the past few times I've got it cut, and Pinterest is definitely to blame for that.

Here are a few images that inspired the plunge.

short grey // image source: unknown

bob // image source: wethepeoplestyle

wavy // image source: pinterest

blunt // image source: pinterest

And the finished result..

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