get energised

It's Spring Equinox, and it's time to blow away those cobwebs that have been congregating over your mind this winter. I've definitely felt the weight of the cold this year, so I'm looking forward to getting my energy and work ethic back (not to mention some feeling in my hands and toes!). Here are a few pointers to help give your mind a spring-clean.

Never being one to take a few minutes to peek into my wellbeing, I've always viewed meditation as a bit of a cop out. That was until I discovered Headspace, the app that allows you 10 minutes out of your day to practise mindfulness techniques, and in turn, create a happier, healthier lifestyle. I wasn't holding up much hope until panic attacks stopped when I used certain techniques I had learned, and my mind felt energised and ready to continue with the day after I had meditated. It truly helps, and has allowed me to gain insight into something I never thought I'd be interested in. There are plenty of free apps available, have a look through and find one that suits you.

wake with the sun
Easier typed than done. I've always had the mindset that the earlier you get up, the more you get out of your day, but I'm not great at following this. I'm going to aim to get up an hour earlier than I have been (Barney has a way of waking us up at exactly 7.00am, like a little, barking alarm clock), so I can have a breather with a cup of tea, and maybe even get a head-start on some orders. Go for an early morning walk and notice the calm.

make a playlist
If you're feeling sluggish and not very motivated, create a playlist to get you and your mind moving. Beyonce solves everything (trust me on this). You can have a peek at what I listen to here.

Pfft, I'm one to talk. But honestly, exercise does help with mental health, releasing all kinds of chemicals our brain likes in a bid to be happy. If you're not one for running (or any sort of exercise that makes you breathless/feel like you're going to die, definitely me), sign up to a yoga or pilates class. Walk around with your yoga mat and just feel relaxed.

eat well
We all know this is the most important step to feeling right within yourself. Avoid junk food for a while, and try to limit your treat intake. Eat your greens and drink bone broth. Maybe even avoid gluten. Your gut, skin, hair, nails, brain will thank you for it. I've recently had to change my diet quite drastically to try and solve this IBS issue, and although I miss doughnuts, I'm feeling so much more awake and less gluten-y. 

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