free wallpaper // authenticity is all

This week's free wallpaper is a particular little favourite of mine. I'm a true believer in being 100% you. There's no point in being even 1% someone else. You are you, and you are good enough. 

With the internet, authenticity can be hard to come by. With certain people taking advantage of everything being behind a screen and stealing other creative's work to pass it off as their own, even going as far to steal Instagram posts. I came across Catherine Grace (of life, styled) and her '#createorcredit' campaign, thanks to Jasmine Dowling, and instantly shouted I KNOW RIGHT. 
It's perfectly simple. Create that image you are putting on IG yourself, or find out who took that image you want to post. Putting #photofound just isn't good enough, and it's actually really easy to find out who created it. Hiya, Google Image Search. Help each other out, and credit.

I'll be honest, I went through a stage where I wanted my feed to look good. I know, shock horror, I said that out loud. I would take images from Pinterest, look for the source, not be able to find it, but still post the photo. It wasn't cool, and I felt guilty every time I did it. Doing Photography GCSE and BTEC hammered 'you MUST find the source of this' into me, so it was quite out the ordinary. I took a break from social media and re-discovered that it really didn't matter what the hell my feed looked like if it wasn't coming from me directly. So the wallpaper this week is a little reminder that being authentic is all that matters. 

Grab it here, along with plenty of versions for all iPhones, iPads and most common desktop sizes.