OGB // introducing #onegirlband

Part of the reason as to why I started the one-girl band series was to note down my journey as a small business owner and to maybe help a few others along the way. Now that I've passed the one-year mark of opening my online shop, I figured it was about time to get the one-girl band mission out there more, and show our unity.

Introducing #onegirlband! That's right, a blimmin' hashtag. Every Sunday evening on Instagram, I'll post a question regarding being an entrepreneur, a maker, a creative in general, and you can answer in the comments, or by sharing the image and answering in the caption (remember to tag #onegirlband). Then, on the following Friday, I'll post all your answers on here, and we can all gain a bit more insight into each other's self-employed lives. It'll be a place we can all unite, and hopefully realise that we are definitely not alone in our quests.

This week's question is 'When did you discover your creative spark?'. What age were you when you realised you were creative? Where were you, what were you doing? I discovered mine, like most, at school. I realised I much preferred English and Art classes to Science or Maths, and I'd rather draw than run cross-country. 

Head over to Instagram and have your say, feel free to open up. We're hear to support one another, not to compete.