OGB // #onegirlband question one


A thousand thank yous for all of your answers. I've been blown away by the response for the first question of #onegirlband, and I've loved gaining a bit more insight into your creative lives. Keep an eye out for the next question this Sunday at 7pm.

'I think it came to me naturally since i was very small when my mum encouraged me to be creative by giving me various art supplies and allowing me to go crazy! And then she'd put whatever I have created up on the wall or shelf, which left me feeling all happy!'

'I guess I've only dared to define myself as creative in the last few years. Although I was always very musical, sewed, loved great design and making things look pretty, in my mind I reserved 'creative' for amazingly talented artists and designers and never thought I could match that. You know what, I don't, as that's not my field... but by realising creativity is inside of me (and, I believe, everyone) I made a choice to embrace it, and to practice it, and to love it. Creativity makes me happy and I can't believe I now have a creative business!!!'

onthechangingmat (in response to the above comment)
'I can completely relate to what you said about reserving that word for great talents. I am embracing and practising mine after recognising it a few weeks ago - writing.'

'Great idea! I was the same as you. I was much better at art, textiles and English at school but I don't realise this until high school. My mum taught me to knit and sew when I was little so my creativity started when I was very young.'

'Well I think my parents probably discovered it before I did, as from a very young age I was provided with reams of paper and Crayola which I would use endlessly. Being allowed complete creative freedom for as long as I can recall was definitely the foundations on which my creative ventures were built.'

'There were a couple of moments for me...Winning a colouring competition age 5 and being gutted that I won a teddy bear when 2nd prize was new felt tips! Spending Saturday afternoons age 7 sprawled out on the carpet happily drawing Disney cartoons until my elbows ached and the pens ran dry. Obsessively hand lettering hugely elaborate titles on EVERY single page of my graphics coursework. In English class we had to write in the back of a novel what we wanted to be... I was 100% sure I wanted to be a graphic designer. I've lost the book but I did become a designer!'

'This is great! I discovered I was creative at school. After struggling for years with simple spelling, reading & math we completed a group task of an environmental protection posters. Not only did I lead the group we don'd with s clever poster. I got my confidence & began creative writing. Although poorly spelt. I did it.'

laceandlillies1'I was on maternity from my full time job as a maths teacher, teaching 11-18year olds. I am self taught, never attended a sewing class or group. My problem is I'm very hard on myself and probably don't have enough confidence in my makes. I really enjoy doing it and so far have had great feedback, it's nice to have great followers who are so encouraging with their words and repeat orders'.

craftycharlotte'I always thought I wasn't creative, I was always the more academic one, and then once my (very academic) degree was done, I wanted a new hobby, something to occupy the empty time in my evenings, and I had been thinking a lot about my late grandmother. When I was 10 she taught me to crochet but making tablecloths and cushion covers didn't hold my interest for long, I'd seen pictures of amigurumi and wondered if I'd be able to pick it back up again. And almost 3 years later here we are. Can't imagine not doing it now!'

'Although coming from a very creative family and exceeding far more at creative arts than academic subjects at school I didn't really discover my creative spark until I was pregnant with Phoebe. I, instead of 'nesting' started making. I made a few items of clothing for Phoebe, some cushions, bunting, that sort of thing in my spare time when I was expecting. I taught myself to crochet shortly after Phoebe was born and went to sewing school to better my sewing skills. Timekeeping and organisation is not my strong point but I am hoping to make the most of my creativity again in the future.'

'I started designing and sewing in primary school, initially for my dolls and then myself, the first garment I remember making myself was a long fleece (mmmmm) tube dress one lunch time at school. I wore it the next day! Fast forward a few years and a failed art GCSE (copying Georgia O'Keefe paintings was not my strong point!!) I decided to take an art foundation course and then studied Contour Fashion. I haven't stopped designing, sewing or making for a day since I was 8/9 years old! Side note: writing this to avoid the 3mm silk double turned hem I should be sewing.'

'I was the first grandchild. Every weekend I'd pack up my fluorescent green and yellow backpack and Seanair (Gaelic for Grandad) would come and pick me up in his gold Volvo. When I was at Nannie and Seanair's, we'd bake, draw, sew, knit, just about anything. I remember Nannie buying a book about making things from paper and I loved nothing more than thumbing through the pages to find my next project. I'd come up with an idea and Nannie and Seanair would help me bring it to life. I was always encouraged to play, experiment and always try, and I still work like that today. I think having creative grandparents meant that it was inevitable that at least one of us would follow in their footsteps, I'm grateful that they encouraged my creativity and that they still support me in the same way today.'

'I can't remember a time when I've not been creative. I have been painting, drawing and making since I've had the motor skills for it... However, I'd never allowed myself to follow my heart, always picking 'academic' subjects and making on the side. Over time people always asked why, if I was so creative, was I doing the things I do. The discrepancy between what my head and my heart wanted started to get to me. So! in January, after leaving my job due to frankly, insane, circumstances, I decided to try out. A chance meeting with someone wonderful made me realise that it could be a valid pursuit... My creative muscles are a little wasted and it's extremely daunting, but I am a million per cent excited about going for it. I will be always and forever grateful to @thefoxfairy.'