OGB // #onegirlband question two

This week's question was possibly quite large, and not incredibly easy to answer! Rather than ask the usual 'bloggy' questions we're always asked, I want this series to be about gaining real insight into other creative's lives, and not just about what they eat for breakfast or how many times they post on social media. So, in hope of this, I asked 'what do you want?'. What is it that gets you up in the morning and start working on your business? Success? Stable income? Just pure happiness? 

Here are some of the answers below, remember to look out for the next question this Sunday at 7pm!

'I want my design business The Usual Studio to continue to grow, find challenging new branding projects, make the time every week to learn new techniques, write, illustrate and create. Collaborate with clients who love and value design as much as me, and are open to trying new ideas. I would also like to build a bright and colourful new studio next to the huge trees in my garden where my freelance creatives can work together. (Well that's the edited version - I have SUCH big plans and ideas!'

'What do I want? Well! I want to be able to get all of the ideas from my head made... And made as well as I dream them. And before I explode. Sometimes I can't cope with all the ideas and I can't focus or sit down and just Do something cos my head is fizzing. Also I want to be able to make a living from all of my creative exploits... Can't be much better than that. Please. And... I want my children (when they appear) to know that they can make their dreams, literally. I avoided a creative life because I didn't think I was allowed. I had to be clever and work in an office. But that never made me happy. So I don't want my kids thinking that. Hmm. Please.'

'I want to publish my own book of crochet patterns. Does it sound really silly and cliché. I sometimes browse other books in shops, and think to myself that some of the things I make are just as good. I have some scribbles hidden away that I'm trying to put together. Oddly enough what's getting in my way is the amount of orders coming in for me to crochet things myself. It's not exactly a bad thing.'

'My dream is to run my little business full time! I work full time during the week, so it's so difficult to be creative when your tired from work! I've also dreamt of being a web designer, so I intend to attend college in September to do an evening web design course. I won't give up on that dream!'.