OGB // #onegirlband question three

Another plethora of answers for last week's #onegirlband question. We've been doing this for three weeks now and it just keeps getting better and better. I love having a peek into your creative minds, and it's lovely to know we're not alone in our thoughts. I definitely relate to every single one of these answers! Stick around for next week's question on Sunday at 7pm, on Instagram

'Comparison, it was hard for me to create my own brand because I compared it with others and what they had and often thought I should do things more like them. Then I realized this is my brand not theirs so I need to stop comparing and do what God called ME to do instead of what others do.'

'Trying to convince factories to take me seriously. Took me a year!'

'To be taken as a credible creative. I don't know if that makes sense. I'll try to find a way to word it ha.' (of course it makes sense, Amy!)

'Sometimes feeling alone as a #onegirlband with no employees or business partners to remind me that I am doing the right thing and to not give up :)'

'Trusting my own instincts and judgements. But also not being too proud to accept help!'

'Gaining the confidence to set up on my own after going through a horrible redundancy experience from a design agency which really knocked my confidence. It's been a long road to getting it back but I'm nearly there + loving the challenges that being a #onegirlband throws right at me.'

'Being taken seriously when I first started up, especially at networking events. I found some people just couldn't hold back their surprise that a 24 year old had started her own graphic design business: "you just look too young to have a business". 8 years on, I'm now much more confident in my abilities - a few extra lines on my face have probably helped too!!'

'Realising that I shouldn't compare my beginning to somebody else's middle, to accept kind words on my work whilst always wanting it to be better, and to just keep having fun photographing the world the way I see it!'

'This is one that I am still slowly chipping away at. I don't have a lot of faith in myself. I often don't like the way things I make turn out or don't think that they are worth the money people pay me for them - in fact it still surprises me that people want to buy them at all. But slowly I'm gaining more confidence, the orders are helping, it's nice to know people have faith in me even when I don't.'