OGB // #onegirlband question four + five

Here's two questions for the price of one as I'm silly and didn't realise I hadn't posted No. 4. These two have definitely been my favourites in the series so far, receiving a lot of great answers and making this career choice we've all undertaken seem a little less scary.

#OGB question four

How do you switch off when it's time to step away from the laptop, brush, needle, camera, or whatever you've spent your working days doing? Rest is just as important as working, and although we all feel the guilt that comes with it, it's something that helps us in the long run. I struggle with taking work off my mind and completely switching off, as it seems the majority of you do, but I find walking the dog, mindfulness, sitting on the beach with a book, and watching films seems to help me stay away from the studio when I need to. Yoga has been a lifesaver, as well as getting a coffee with friends who just get it. 

I don't!

This is a great question! I've been working on this a lot lately and have come up with one small step that seems to really help. Since Instagram is such a huge part of my business, I actually log out every night. It feels like clocking off, and I'm working on not logging back in until I've had some coffee and gotten through my morning routine (but it's really hard!).

Taking my pup for a walk is a great way but I am still thinking about work, I really struggle to switch off!

Get away from the office! It's hard when you work from home, but I find I have to separate the two somehow. If I'm feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day I'll list everything I need to do, prioritise them, then create a realistic time plan. I find it easier to walk away when everything is written somewhere and planned. Then it's time for yoga/hot bath/pamper and maybe one of these emoji.

Cleaning my desk, doing a list of all things pending for next day and walking away from the studio. Then take some wine while cooking, sh'bam at the gym, a beer at a terrace with my boyfriend, watching game of thrones or another good tv show.

I find it so hard to switch off! But I do find that reading (currently got Bone Clocks on the go, so good) or taking Remi for a walk really helps me to relax.

There are only 2 places I can relax : in bed and on the beach . Both require horizontal positioning and cancel out the views for the rest of the world. Can't see any laundry baskets, washing Machines, ironing boards, cookers etc etc. What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve (or propel you in to doing) . Switching off is a skill not a given.

Sitting at a desk all day, mostly alone, so I find it good to get outside, go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Summer evenings are great for this as I can wander and chat with hubby. Yoga has been fantastic too, I'm a newbie to it but I love it. I think it's good for the soul to get up and move around if you spend most of the day sitting still! 

I'm a graphic designer so I like to get away from the screen, we're really into astronomy so if it's a clear night we go star gazing. We move one of the sofa chairs outside, wrap up warm and just chat and watch the sky with our telescope! I find drawing relaxing too, I draw really complex black and white patterns. No client brief, no deadline just me getting lost in the details, repetitive lines and shapes. I'm a big film fan and I love series like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. I think of ideas for projects when I'm officially 'off' work, so it's definitely time well spent.

Fairy lights, peppermint tea, and enya music.

I like taking my dog a walk to the park it clears my mind and helps me relax. Go back with more inspiration.
My answer is I rarely do! At least during the week anyway. I paint all day and come back to it most evenings. However I try to use my weekend to gain some space from work & have some fun (she says, sitting at her desk on a Sunday evening!)

I generally have to leave the country to really switch off! Looking forward to Barcelona and Valencia in 3 weeks for precisely that reason! 

#OGB question five

I've had this on the brain recently and wanted to see if any of you have been feeling the same. Do you feel pressure to be successful from social media? Do you feel you have to overshow your achievements to feel like you're in line with other successful creatives? Comparison used to be a huge roadblock for me. Seeing other designers posting all their new client work and huge commissions whilst I felt like I was stuck in a loop of bad months filled me with immense pressure, which probably wouldn't have been there if I just put down my phone and avoided social media for awhile. Now, I'm a lot better at looking at other's success, but not getting too caught up into it. For all we know, that success might be amplified just for social media! I realise now that you will be happy if you don't worry about what other people are doing. I hope this one didn't come across as me being pissed at social media for all it's pressure, it's actually the only thing that keeps me going most days. It's a lifesaver, both personally and in business.

All the time!!! I'm constantly comparing myself to other crafters and thinking 'oh god am never going to get there, my stuff is rubbish". I have a strange obsession with making things perfect...I've changed my website layout God knows how many times, trying to make it look good enough. When actually it's always looked okay. But I just feel the pressure to make it look amazing and up to date. I also need to stop comparing myself to others and realise I make the things I do because I enjoy making them.

I find it overwhelming at times, but because I work from home alone rather than in a shared space with other creatives I find it a huge inspiration. It actually drives me to do more, but can be a big distraction just the same....

Trying to remember that your own journey to success can't be compared to others is really difficult at times, especially during quieter periods! I do agree though that it can also be a great motivation to work harder emoji

I definitely try not to compare myself, but it's really tricky at times ! Having said that, social media is such an inspiring place too so it's equal measures! X

Yeah, man! Thanks for posting this, it helps so much. I mean, I try to not let it affect me all the time but sometimes it kind of does... And just makes me wish I were better at marketing myself so I could make ends meet. Ah! Soon, soon. Working toward it...

I've just started my own little business all by myself and I find social media both inspiring and isolating. I don't enjoy working from home on my own but I love seeing what other people are working on. I just have to put myself in a good mind set and be happy for other people's success & let that spur me on to be successful also. One good piece of advice I've had recently is if I don't post/ write/ tweet/ photograph then no one will see who I am and what I can do. So I believe in staying positive and focused and be apart of wonderful communities like this one to share and lean on. 

TOTALLY. I'm really working on this right now. One thing I just did that I really like: I changed my Instagram password to an empowering mantra! That way, every time I log in, I'm reminding myself that I get to do this thing on my own terms. I log out every night when I go to bed as a way of "clocking off," so when I log in in the morning, I start the day off right with a little intentional reminder.

Yes I do!!!

Really good little read here, many people feel over powered by social media and I will admit I sometimes wish I could switch it all off. However I run my own business and it helps me both find potential clients and companies/brands. It's actually helped me find you tonight, so il be in touch. I say embrace it! But don't let it distract you.

I completely empathise with this - I also recently started my own business and I sometimes find myself creating work specifically to share on social media to "maintain and boost interest..." And in reality, that often takes away from spending time working on stuff I really want to be doing and should be putting my time in to. Social media can be a great platform at times but it's hard not to drown in it also - I'm now quite skeptical about it because it isn't always a reality and people play games with it and you can buy likes and followers and well... What's the point in that?! On the flip side, I do get inspiration from others on Instagram so it's a blessing and a curse really! 

I totally get this hun! I found that the less I worry about what others are doing the better I feel, I try to give an honest opinion of our lives on IG, I do hold back on a few detail as I hate to disappoint people. My main worry is coming across as "big headed" or "up my own arse" I try and be humble and honest. 
It's like everything luv...you only see what people want you to see. I take a lot of inspiration from people on Instagram (you are one of those people) & try not to get upset that everyone seems more successful than me...but then I remember they're only posting the pretty bits...they're probably living in a house covered in envelopes & bubble wrap & postage receipts too!