a new house, a new home

Since being away from blogging and working on other parts of the business, we've also been moving house. We moved into our new maisonette in the North Laines part of Brighton at the beginning of August, and we are so, so in love with it.

Actually being physically above ground level brings so much light into our home, making us feel more mindful and a bit more with it. As we're on two levels, we can see quite far over the back end of Brighton, looking over Hanover, as well as being able to see people ramble through the North Laines. They are both wonderful sights to see on a sunny morning, and I've grown into a little habit of sitting on our balcony in the early rays, waiting for the rest of the city to wake up.
As well as a balcony, we have a real life garden. Barney has the chance to run around now, and he's loving his new space. He also hasn't peed inside at all so that's a win win right there.

Being in a two bed place, I now have a whole room dedicated to the studio. I can't begin to tell you how lucky I feel to say that. Once everything was in and put in its place, I literally spun around in the room laughing my head off, in joy and in disbelief. George thinks I'm a nutter and I'm pleased to hear we don't actually have any neighbours living next door to us, as I'm sure they'd join him in that opinion.

I'm hoping to do a few nice pictures once we have some prints up, but here are a few for now.