OGB // question eight + nine

How do you balance your creative endeavours with your relationship? My OH is incredibly supportive. Making the dinner when I'm too busy to, keeping the pup entertained when I need to finish a project.
He supports us both in more ways than one, but sometimes we both need to sit down and discuss how our relationship is the priority, each and every time. We're both working incredibly hard for each other that sometimes we forget to hang out too. What about you? Do you find support for your business in your relationships? Is it a struggle to separate your time between the two? Leave your answer in the comment below or share the image and tag #onegirlband. All answers are featured below:

 // partly inspired by Jen Carrington's  'Make It Happen' podcast with Jess May of The Fire Stokers about relationships and business. Give it a listen, it's a goodun. //

'Me and my OH often forget to just hang out! We sometimes have to remind ourselves of that! We go weeks without sitting down and just talking about anything but work. But we're doing it tonight in fact. I couldn't run my business without him. He supports me every step of the way when I'm busy (making tea, cleaning the house) and kicks my bum when I have free time to make things happen!'

'I'm just starting out on this new venture and my OH couldn't be more supportive. He's so encouraging of my work and keeps me motivated to push things along. We only just got married this year, so we are trying to make the time to enjoy married life too. Knowing that we have our belated honeymoon in November to look forward to is a huge help. Love this topic though, I'm interested to hear everyone else's comments.'

'It quite depends on the amount of orders that need to be taken care of (plus all the things that go with it). In the busy season It's hard to juggle between family life and business. When the loads of orders calm down, I take much more time for my husband/kids...naturally. In the past I would constantly work and plan but then you come to a point when you see how important it is to have the time off, just for your family and friends. I try to keep a strict line between time that I work (mornings until noon) and time that I spend with my family. For me, when my two kids come home from school, the computer is off, social media as much on mute as possible and phone calls reduced to only the urgent ones. My husband is very supportive. It took us some years to get used to the fact that if we want to spend time together, we need to plan it ahead and then stick to the plans.'

'It's sooooooo hard...! '

'This is a great topic! Funnily enough one that's just been brought up in our home! It's so easy to get stuck in the motions of being absorbed by your work especially when you work for your self! My husband & I both work for ourselves so if it's not me it's him. But he's better at identifying when he's not as switched on to our relationship, where shamefully it sometimes takes him to make me aware! Giving each other our own time is vital, as well as doing something together...even if it's the food shop! It's amazing how used to doing everything in your own you can get! But it's definitely something I need to work on!! It's great to hear that others have similar worries and ways to solve it!'

It's a new month, edging closer to the maddest time of the year (that C word). What are you hoping to get done in October? I'm hoping to get our holiday packaging planned and ordered, as well as working more on the blog and being consistent with content. And everything else in between! Christmas demands planning, so use this month to finalise your hopes and plans, and get ahead of the game. Here are some of your answers below:

'I'm staring into October thinking 'aaaaaah i need to order in appropriate new stock for Christmas/gifts" AND "better get organising our first birthday event on November 14th" .... oh and we start opening an extra day from this week. So erm mild panic!?'

'To get some freelance work in, September was horribly quiet.'

'I hope to paint more originals to sell and then create A4 prints out of them this month!'

'Keep developing my emotional intelligence, shoot my last 2 weddings that I have booked.'