OGB // question seven

I always love hearing the answer to this question (mostly because I'm nosey, but also because it's interesting to see how people have grown organically). What were you doing before your current venture?
I was a graphic designer at a teaching resources company before being made redundant and deciding to open up my own business, but before that I was a photographer. I haven't been to university or anything like that. I feel like a bit of a fake sometimes, like I'm going to get caught pretending that I know what I'm doing, but I'm proud of where I am and how I've got here. Here are some of your answers below.

'I had my own HR Consultancy, totally understand the feeling like a fake as I never studied art, well not since school but like you I'm very proud of my achievements.'

'I love finding out people's answers to this question too! I worked in an office for a big company before I went freelance. It was a big change but a much needed one as the stress and office environment made me ill. I never went to uni either and at times questioned whether it was a mistake, but looking back I don't regret it at all and although there's been some seriously tough times, I'm happy that I managed to turn things around and find something that works for me.'

'I set up my business in my last year of Uni - I ended up working three jobs at the same time when I graduated (social media for a backpacking company, events organiser for a local creative magazine + admin for a film company) but I packed them all in after around 3-4 months to go fully freelance and just focus on photography.'

'I was a restaurant manager before all this... Doing the daily specials boards and getting some great feedback was where I thought, hang on a minute.. I could totally do this as a job! And so I quit and here I am today! I too also feel like a massive fake.. I never know what to say when people ask what I do!?'

'I had worked in financial services for ten years, at the end as a call centre manager for a collections company... A bit awful compared to what I do now! Left after I had my daughter, as shifts and childcare were 100% impossible. Don't regret that decision ever.'

'I was a children's wear designer before I set up milly and pip.'

'I was a marketing secretary before I became a graphic designer specialising in marketing design.'

'I'm still in my other job but hope to leave in the next year. I work as a university administrator. I didn't study at uni either and often feel like I'm being foolish to think i can make a career out of it but am always inspired by you and other one girl bands to keep going.'

'I love hearing people's stories about what they did before they set up their own business, I find it very inspirational. Wish I had half as much talent as all you amazing ladies or even knew where to find my talent. I would love to get into graphic design but have no idea where to start.'

'I was a graphic designer in a branding agency but was made redundant so had a major freak out with life, and got a little job working part time in retail while I built up the courage to set up on my own. I juggled doing both for a while but went full time self employed in may this year and it's the best thing.'

'I was formerly a full-time digital editor and social media manager working with magazines and interiors brands. I liked the work and still freelance in the same industry, but I really wanted to build a business of my own and do something that was more hands-on creative, so I started Living Longingly. I also struggle with imposter syndrome since all my creative skills are self-taught, so it's inspiring to hear from others in the same boat!'

'Its a longer story but this is the short version.... I used to work as a maternity assistant alongside doing my own work @bykirsty. I took the leap of faith last July! & now I have my own shop in Cardiff stocking 55 designer makers. Its mega hard but so worth it!'

I was and still am a Careers Adviser! (Part time now so I can run my business too). Advised myself to follow my dream.'