free paper chain download

I, for one, am very excited as tomorrow is December 1st. December is, without a doubt, my favourite month of the year; full of celebrations, cosy evenings in, all things mulled and good times with friends and family. It's hygge defined in a month. 

To celebrate the new festive month, I've created a free download of a paper chain pattern, to get your decorating blood going, ready for the tree! You may remember it's the same as one of last year's free Christmas gift wrap, but I thought it was too lovely to discontinue and thought it made a great, easy paper chain. It warms my minimalist heart. 

All you need to do is download, then print it onto A4 paper, and cut each strip of the trees. Then, loop a strip, and fasten. Loop another strip through the previous one, and fasten again. So on, so forth. To fasten, use cello tape or glue. You can have a whole paper chain with the pattern, or break it up with white paper (also cut into strips). I desperately wanted to use some gold paper, but I'm lazy and quite frankly couldn't be bothered to walk to Paperchase. I'm sure you'll find some there though! Get creative.

In the next week, you'll also be able to get two new gift wrap downloads for your packaging pleasure. Keep an eye on Instagram for it's release.

Also, show me your pictures of your paper chains by tagging me, either @lhdesign_ on Instagram or @LolaHoadDesign on Twitter. 

Happy making!