thank you to 2015 (+ to you)


New years eve already, huh?! I know it's said every year, but I can't quite believe that. 2015 seems to have zoomed by, no real hello and a very prompt goodbye. 

It has been a great year however, both for LH design and personally. Of course, it has had it's dark days, it's no-money-to-eat days, it's 'what-the-hell-am-I-doing' days, but I feel incredibly positive about this year. 

I left 2014 with a great big 'fuck you'. The first resolution I had for this year was to get better. I kept it quiet due to never really knowing whether I should talk about it, but my crippling anxiety + other health issues that had stayed with me for over 10 years was taking it's toll, and I hadn't left the house in months. I straight away decided 2015 was going to be different, so I actively took steps and got the help I needed, both chemically and through conversation. Now, I can talk to the barista at my local cafe rather than just whisper my order, I can apply for things I never would've thought I could do (more on that in the next few months), and I can host a One Girl Band meet up with next to no nerves. I no longer faint on bad days, I get out of bed 99% of the time. And for that, I thank 2015. It's given me the confidence to get better, and that is what I wanted the most for my personal life.

It was also the year that saw LH design celebrate it's first year of trading. We've since been at Top Drawer, meeting old and new stockists, and growing our wholesale range ten-fold. We've grown up a bit and got an accountant. We've also successfully launched OGB, and I think that's been a favourite outcome from this year.

So, 2016. I usually keep my aims quiet in the hope I don't disappoint if I don't succeed, but to hell with it. I find you get things done if you tell the world what's happening. 

LH design

  • take One Girl Band over the country, meeting female creatives + entrepreneurs and help to inspire and nurture one another.
  • grow wholesale even more than last year, get that first big retailer.
  • launch the new collection successfully, double the amount of orders coming in weekly.
  • grow our press coverage.
  • be more consistent with blogging.


  • go outside more, spend weekends driving around the countryside and woodlands.
  • keep practising mindfulness.
  • eat a little bit better, but don't make yourself miserable over it.
  • focus on relationships more. 
  • remember that your positivity can change your future.

And finally, thank you to you. You, who bought a card this Christmas, or a personalised print back in February. You, who shared the Shop Independent This Christmas graphic, or shared anything related to us. You are growing this business, and allowing me to keep doing what I absolutely adore. So, thank you. You are all stars for sticking with us on this crazy journey.

What about you? What do you plan on smashing this year? #OneGirlBand will be back on Sunday with a question not too dissimilar from this, but leave your aims for 2016 in the comments below so we can cheer each other on. This will be your best year yet if you go in with a positive, I-can-do-anything-because-I'm-boss attitude.