one girl band // February 2016 Q&A


 I often set a timer and paint until the timer goes off. After that I indulge in a little puppy play or internet scroll before it's back to work!


 I've turned off all social media notifications so I don't get distracted, trying only to check at certain points in the day so I don't lose hours of my life every time somebody likes something! Playlists sound like a great idea.


 50 minutes work, 10 minutes off and half an hour for lunch when I can sit down and watch tv, read a magazine or hang out the washing. Making sure my social media tabs are closed helps a lot too!


 I freelanced for 26 years while my kids were growing up. I had deadlines for my work n days for tasks, like the washing. I had dropping off n picking up school run times, so worked furiously between those daily 'deadlines'! If you don't have deadlines, best to set them for yourself. Have a 'to do' list for each day. Set yourself a target for two hours' time. Don't look at emails, Instagram, Twitter, your phone during that time! If you're stuck, put on a wash, load the dishwasher, make a cup of tea or coffee, go for a 10-minute walk, but don't extend it, then at least your break's been productive! If you're a morning person, start early; if you're a night owl, work when everyone else has gone to bed - finding your most productive time n taking time off for a bit when the kids get home or something provides a rhythm that works for how you work. I'm rambling, but these kinds of things worked for me. There's no getting away from it, though, it's tough - got to be disciplined, but also not too hard on yourself!!


 I work in 20 minutes blocks. So for 20 minutes I focus totally on work, then have a break. It really works for me as I am a terrible (or should I say great) procrastinator

 It's good to find passionate people on Instagram that care about what they do. Keep it up.


 Oh my goodness this is such a relevant one!! I'm finding it impossible to fit everything in at the moment and not to be distracted by everything 'else' on my list!! Loving these tips! Sadly it feels thy all order had escaped me these days, but I used to set my self time challenges...get this and this down before ten-twelve and so on and that helped!! Although I have a hungry little baby to fit in to that to and he doesn't watch the clock!


 Oh gosh, I sometimes find it so hard to focus and fitting my little business in around a full time day job adds to the need for focus! Finding my productive time & not trying to force myself to work at times I can't (mornings are so not my friend!) has helped and treating what has been my hobby as a job as been a good way to stay on track. That way I know 3 nights a week & one day a weekend is 'work'. So good to know it's not just me


 So glad I'm not the only one! Sometimes I'm totally fine and have great workflow but then sometimes it all goes terribly wrong! I find that a podcasts really help!


 hate to blame the Internet for everything, but, just to blame the Internet...!! I find switching "off" even if just for an hour - No phone, no computer just paper and pen, helps me brainstorm and plan... Then I can return to working "online" with a more single focus. It's unrealistic to think of cutting off the Internet all the time, but short sharp bursts definitely helps. Also reminding myself that however boring the task, it's part of what I love - can't have one without the other. So I tell myself "deal with it!" and then make a(nother) cup of tea...

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 Don't ask me, I'm on Instagram!


 I always struggle with this and having a baby and another little one do make it hard to make definitive plans and stick to them. I am just starting out with a small venture with the dream of leaving the day job at some point and working as a #onegirlband full time. I got a new journal for Christmas @theselfjournal and have found that incredibly helpful in stopping procrastinating (so much!) and helping me stay more focused. I plan out each day the night before and work in 30 minute blocks of time. Even writing down when I will have lunch, read with my little boy etc makes sure I have protected time to do these things and then use 'work' time to do specific measurable tasks rather than wasting that time deciding on what to do. It is still a work in progress but I am definitely making small steps in the right direction x