print is not dead - why you should be using printed collateral in your business


At the weekend, my mum and I had a walk around town and decided to pop into an independent bike shop after swooning over the Bobbin's in the window. She's been thinking about getting a nice bike for herself to go along the promenade and for general exercise, and wanted to take a brochure home to look through. After having a look around the store and seeing no brochures, we asked the sales assistant if they had any. He replied, with a baffled/smug look on his face, 'Erm, print isn't really a thing anymore, it's all online'. We felt old.

Mr Bike Salesman, print is mostly certainly still a thing.

How often do you notice a poster for a gig, a play, a book signing in the street? All the time. Do you sit and read a local magazine whilst frequenting the cafe around the corner? Do you like to flick through catalogs such as Toast, Ikea, John Lewis? Yup. Print isn't dead, it's just been overruled by the Internet and more accessible ways of viewing content. 

As a small business owner, I rely quite heavily on printed matter. Social media is a great promotional tool for online use, but what about when you're out in the real world? I use business cards, stickers and promotional postcards that have a meaningful, relatable quote on the back so the receiver is more likely to keep it on their desk, and in turn, remember me. I also have wholesale catalogs printed for trade shows, as buyers like to go round and collect them before going home and looking through, deciding what to get for their shops. Print makes you last, it gives you a legacy with people, and makes them remember you. 

Canva have written a great article on this subject, with some beautiful business flyer examples which will make you wonder why you don't have any printed collateral.

(Also, if you're in need of some, I can do this for you with our branding identity package. You'll receive a logo, social media icons, business cards, promo flyers, notecards, anything, you name it. See more here, and get in touch to book your place. )

Do you have any cool examples of print for your business? Or any ideas that will get you to stand out from the crowd? Comment with them below.