introducing OGB Expertise Sessions

We've got big news on the One Girl Band side of things. 

Ever since our first meet up back in June last year, I knew that OGB was going to be a success. It sounds a bit cocky (I don't mean to be!) and I don't exactly know why, I just had a feeling that this is what fellow female entrepreneurs needed. It's what I needed. I also knew we needed to stand apart from other collectives who are united by sisterhood, entrepreneurship and creativity. So, introducing OGB Expertise Sessions.

This is where we'll be joined by a speaker who has a certain subject of expertise, such as marketing, accounting, virtual assisting, product photography, blogging, time management... the list could go on! All of the things that we need to know and understand to create a successful business or venture. I realised that even though there are countless blogs, books and articles on these subjects, it can be tricky to really understand and have a grasp on. Face-to-face teaching is a proven method of effective learning, and after speaking with a few girls who regularly attend OGB meet ups, and other creatives, they all exclaimed with a big fat 'YES. I NEED THAT'. So, it was a no-brainer to get these sessions going.

Our first session will be with Daisy Foster, from Daisy Leaf, who is possibly the greatest marketer I know. She does a whole lot more than that though, so I couldn't really put her under the 'marketer' label. She has such knowledge on SEO, Google Adwords, social media campaigns, and any thing else you can think of. And, she makes it easy. I thought I had a handle on marketing until I met Daisy. She has sorted my shit out, and she'll sort yours too! 

Get your ticket HERE for Thursday 30th March, 6-8pm at HEN in Brighton. Your ticket includes a drink (the best craft beer selection, wine, cocktails, you name it), and food will be available too at an extra charge. I'm always so grateful to HEN for allowing us to use their space, eat their incredibly gorgeous food and let us laugh the time away, so please think about grabbing some dinner whilst you're there to support them. 

Hope to see you there!