the daily times: an inside look at my day


Who doesn't love a nosey at other's working days?! Here's mine.

Wake up around 6 (but that can turn into 7 most days...). It's an awful habit but I go on my phone and scroll through IG to wake myself up. Working on that! Have a quick cuddle then get dressed.

Take the dog to the park. Let him run around/get incredibly muddy/be an all-round annoyance to other dogs and owners. Get back to the flat, have breakfast (in love with buckwheat, quinoa + chia seed porridge with banana and massive dollops of peanut butter).

Settle down at my desk with a cuppa. Tackle emails, pack orders and then schedule the day's social media if I haven't done so already. 

I'll then work on my highest priority task of the day, which is usually a branding client, personalised prints or wholesale orders.

Time for lunch. After gulping down pasta + pesto, I use this time to head to the post office too, which takes me around 10 minutes thanks to the Drop and Go service (and the lovely Laura at the post office in Churchill Square!).

Back to work with a quick look at my emails. I tend to avoid emails at any other time, apart from the morning, as tasks come through at every hour and I can get distracted. If I've completed the big task from earlier, I'll get started on tasks that have come through, or I'll write some blog posts. 

I try to stick to a typical 9-5 day, but as a business owner, this always goes out the window! I can starting working at 7am, and finish at 3pm, or I can start work at 9am and continue through until 9pm. It changes regularly.

Dinner time with George. Phones are banned and the telly stays off. Just us and our stories about the day.

Although I try and switch off at this time, I'm usually still working away at my laptop, or writing notes on ideas I've got swirling through my head. George is quite good with getting me to stop though, and will run me a bath which is always heaven after a long day.

I've always had a rule with myself that I should be in bed by 9. I need pretty much a full 10 hours (which I know is slightly ridiculous), but as I know I get so much more done and feel more productive if I get up early, I like to give myself less of a chance of waking up in a complete zombie state, and just head to bed a bit early.