client work // daisy leaf branding identity


I'm so pleased to be able to share this branding identity with you all. 

Daisy Foster, who singlehandedly owns + runs the online marketing agency Daisy Leaf, came to me wanting fresh, professional branding for her new venture. This is what Daisy first said to me about her business;

"I help small business grow their online presence so they can be found by new customers. That way they can get busier with what they love and are good at, their job! I do this in a number of ways; by setting up and managing Google Adwords account, creating facebook campaigns and making profitable, attractive looking websites. My clients will be working with one knowledgeable nerd who cares about their project rather than being passed about by many corporate people within a large company.
My end goal is to go to bed knowing I’ve helped people make their passion profitable."

Daisy knew from the start that she wanted to work around the 'Leaf' part of her business name (Daisy Leaf comes from her full name, Daisy Lea Foster. Clever, eh?!). We focussed on earthy, natural colours with botanical elements, taking inspiration from things such as Coralie Bickford-Smith’s Penguin hardbook covers, wild flowers and fields filled with plants. Here is a snippet of the inspirational moodboard I created from her Pinterest board and other things she had told me.


It was great fun using these colours and floral elements to create unique, recognisable branding. It gives Daisy's brand that fresh edge, as well as portraying her as professional and keeping in line with her brand values. I can't wait to see the site she'll be creating for herself, as well as watching her business grow from strength to strength.

Here is what Daisy had to say about our work;

“Lola was an absolute delight to work with. She listened to my muddled ideas of how I would like my company to be represented and then, translated that into something beautiful. She puts time and care into her work and always produces gorgeous designs. She was super organised and set out strict deadlines, which she religiously stuck to. This isn’t very common in the design industry. Her communication throughout the project was always really honest and constructive.
I can now confidently hand out my business cards knowing they depict my brand perfectly.
Lola you’re a superstar thank you! ”

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