OGB Expertise Session with Daisy Leaf: a recap

For those of you who couldn't make it to last Wednesday's One Girl Band Expertise Session, you're in luck. Here is a recap written by

Daisy, of Daisy Leaf

, who ran the talk and taught everyone new things about the big old world of Online Marketing. (I also recently did her branding for her, which you can 

see here

). It was possibly the best OGB meet up yet, full of inspirational ladies who wanted to learn and grow their knowledge. Get your notepads out and start learning!


For those that didn’t make it to the first One Girl Band’s expertise session, I’ll tell you a little about me. And, for those that did,

“Hi, lovely to see you again!”

I’m Daisy, I run two small businesses. The first is Daisy Leaf and the second is Carpet Cleaner Advertising. Both businesses offer the same service; creating and implementing digital marketing strategies to make your business more profitable. However, the audience is totally different, Daisy Leaf targets creative businesses and Carpet Cleaner Advertising is for well… carpet cleaners. The amazing thing about being submerged into two polar opposite industries is that, you can cherry pick the things that work so well for one industry and try it in the other. I now have a tribe of carpet cleaners that have experimented with more creative marketing techniques. Not only is it working for them, it also makes them stand out from their competition. As for you creatives, I want to offer some pragmatic tips that have worked so well in the more serious world of carpet cleaning.

I’ve rounded up my 4 best tips that you can implement in your business today to help make you more profitable.

1. Set Measurable Goals For Your Business

This may not seem strictly ‘digital marketing’ related because I want you to write down your goals with some good old fashioned tools: pen + paper. However, this is the first and most important thing you should do before delving into digital marketing. Your goals should be measurable i.e. instead of jotting down ‘increase my twitter following’, write ‘increase my twitter following by 30 people by next Monday’. This way, next week you can revisit your goals and see whether you have achieved them. If so, pop the prosecco. If not, you can start to examine why you didn’t meet your goals and change your marketing strategies with a purpose in mind.

Setting measurable goals is increasingly important when focusing on your own business in a social media driven industry. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others when you only have vague ideas of what you want to achieve. However, if you know that you want to make 5 sales this week, it doesn’t matter if a gal you follow tweeted that she made 10. You’re achieving your goals! That’s all that is important.

2. Create Your ‘Free Bribe’

This is my favourite marketing technique ever because it works so well. The idea of a ‘free bribe’ is to create something that you can give away to your potential clients for free in exchange for their email address.

Why do you want their email address? So you can build up your mailing list + email them often with quality information and updates. Your list will start seeing you as an expert in your field because you’re emailing over tips and insider info about your business. They will also perceive you as a friend as you regularly contact them and share little details about yourself. As a result, it becomes so much easier to sell your products or services to this list. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from your friend who you consider to be an expert in her field?

What can you give away for free? You have so much that you could give away and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. It could be something you’re already knowledgeable about, you just need to make it into something that followers can access.

Here are a few examples we came up with at the  One Girl Band meetup:

  • If you’re known for being a whizz on social media ask people to download a ‘social media calendar’ that you created and stick to religiously.
  • If your business sells gorgeous homeware, create a video showing how you style your table for dinner parties.
  • If you’re a health fitness fanatic make a printable PDF with meal plans and 30 second exercises.
  • If you’re an illustrator make a quick ‘how to video’ explaining how to draw, scan and pop personalised social media icons onto your blog.
  • If you take gorgeous photographs invite people to your weekly webinar where you explain the hacks behind your photography.

The possibilities are endless! Now you have your free bribe, share share share it! Create a pop up on your site, put a link on your Instagram bio, even include it on your email signature. If you have something people want and all they have to do it type in their email list, you’re bound to see your mailing list grow.

3. Make your welcome email engaging

I’m sick of seeing uninspiring welcome emails that sound so robotic. Inject your personality into it and for heaven’s sake don’t include an automated-do-not-reply-to-this-email message. Instead, invite your subscribers to reply! You want to be engaging with your clients don’t you?

Welcome emails generate

320% more revenue

than any other promotional email.

Make yours count.

4. Utilise the keywords people are already using

Have you heard of

Google Keyword Planner

? It’s your new best friend. You simply type in some details about your industry and it will generate a list of what Google users have been typing in the search box in the last 12 months to find industries just like yours.

This is amazing when you are drafting blogs, thinking of Youtube video titles or getting started with Google Adwords campaigns. Now you include key phrases that people are definitely typing in to find products or service just like you rather guessing and hoping you appear on the first page of Google.

I’d recommend downloading the list that Google Keyword Planner creates for you and try and include as many of the high search volume ones as possible. It is also helpful to include any ‘long tail keywords’ you see on the list that are relevant to your business. Long tail keywords are phrases with 2-4 words that are a lot more specific to your particular industry, for example if you own a cute boutique florist in Shoreditch, yes, ‘florist’ will be a great keyword but ‘independent florist london’ may also be relevant to you and it’s less likely your competition will be including that as a keyword in their blogs/ videos/ adwords campaigns. So, utilise this so when people type in ‘independent florist london’  you’re more likely to appear high up on search engine lists.

These 4 tips do just scratch the surface of the big, confusing world of online marketing but they’re such a great place to start! I will be blogging more tips over on my website, where you’re soon to be greeted with my free bribe pop up … but currently the Daisy Leaf site is down (Consider it on my measurable to-do list for this month!)

Until then,

feel free to email me

and I’m happy to help you mind map your ‘free bribe’ or have a read over your redrafted welcome email. I can’t wait to see your businesses grow.

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