#onegirlband t-shirt launched

It's nearly been a year since our first #onegirlband meet up with a gaggle of women who were serious about their businesses, less serious about networking the usual way. We've had over 10 all around the country since then, and I'm proud of where OGB is now. I've been wanting to launch a merchandise side for a while, and since discovering Mercht and their easy way of printing, I figured a T-shirt was in order! If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with slogan tees, so here is a little twist on them.

Perfect for one girl bands who want to wear it with pride!

We're not far off getting them printed, and you only have less than 2 weeks to order, so make sure you grab one soon.

Here is the link to the t-shirt campaign. , and do keep an eye out for a potential 1-year-anniversary summer bash to celebrate one another's successes.