busy does not equal success

I love my work. I love my job.

I can spend weeks hustling and working long days with not a lot of sleep, just work. But I can also rest and feel ok about it.

There's this myth that when you're self employed or freelance that you can't have free time. You need to be constantly working, to prove that you're worthy. You won't be successful otherwise.

But that's not true. It's ok not to work 16 hour days. It's ok to not work weekends, or past 6pm. Success will come from smart work. You need to be rested to be a better human, let alone a better business owner.

So don't let that I'm-sat-on-the-sofa-doing-not-alot guilt consume you, listen to your body and rest. At the One Girl Band Expertise Session on Wednesday with Dionne from Changing the Menu, the theme was self care (or rather self love), and we all spoke about how there is a pressure to portray yourself as 'busy' for people to take notice, and to almost prove yourself. Personally, I think by starting a business and continuing through adversity, you've already proven yourself to be pretty badass.

Be at one with yourself, and look out for the warning signs of burn out, your body and business will thank you for it.

P.S: click through the image and head to the original post on my Instagram; there are some great, insightful comments on there.