Shop Independent (now more than ever)


I'm finding it quite hard to put into words how I feel about Friday's EU referendum result. Hurt, angry of course, but I can't put down exactly how I feel. All I know is that, now more than ever, we need to stick together. (Also, I know I'm not exactly in a position to be on a pedestal telling you why you should've voted for remain, so please don't take it that way, this is just my ... dun dun duuuun...`~ - personal opinion ~ -`)

I am a part of the generation who will most probably never be able to buy a house, unless I win the lottery or my Dad dies (sorry Da, obviously don't want that to happen!). I am part of the generation who saw tuition fees increase so much to the point that University wasn't an option for me any more. I voted remain because I knew leaving the EU would make buying a house, living comfortably, even more impossible. Because we are just a place on this planet, we do not 'own' this country, and if others are in need, then yes, they should be able to come here without hate, abuse or in fear. They should be able to walk down the street without calls of 'go home!' or horrible slurs. That point especially is why I think we're better together. 

 I also, rather selfishly, thought of my small business, and the fact that it would probably not survive. I know that since Friday, a lot of small business owners, makers, entrepreneurs are worried. This is why I thought it'd be apt to bring the 'Shop Independent' graphic back round again. Small business owners, #onegirlbands, anyone who enjoys the little guy's work, please, please shop independent now more than ever. We don't know what our future holds, but if we stick together and buy from each other whenever when we can, it might make this shitty situation slightly less shitty. Of course, things may gradually pull up, but I don't want this to be the end of my business, and I'm going to work even harder to make sure it's not.

Download the graphic for Instagram here.