power sessions

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A one-to-one, personalised 1 hour session where we'll work on a clear action plan on how to make your business sustainable and consistent whilst making sure you're living a balanced and joyful life. You'll finish the session with a bagful of resources and tools that you can come back to again and again, as well as specific, actionable goals that are going to get you closer to your version of success.

what do Power Sessions do for you?

  • Power Sessions provide you with the knowledge and resources needed in order for you to create a sustainable (money making!) and consistent (no 'stuck in the mud' feeling here!) business.

  • We'll work on getting that schedule sorted, giving you more time and flexibility for the parts of your business that you find really exciting.

  • We'll work on getting to know your ideal customer inside and out, so we can make sure your mission is crystal clear and coherent for them.

  • We'll work on harnessing the power that social media holds, how to use it to the best of your advantage, and how to translate your presence into sales.

  • Got an idea for a podcast or Youtube channel but not sure where to start? These sessions are great for that.

  • Power Sessions give you clarity on your mission as your own boss and give you a helping hand in creating the life you desire and deserve.

Do you have a killer business idea, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to be a One Girl Band -- and make a difference with your products or services -- but feel you aren’t ‘good enough’ or you’re too scared to get started? 

Perhaps you've already launched your business and you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck and not sure what to do next. Maybe you're starting to think you're not cut out for this (spoiler- you are!). 

I help women realise their amazing potential so that you can become confident and empowered to start your own business. We can also work on ‘levelling up’ your business and growing your venture to where it deserves to be.


Usually £275 but for 23rd, 24th, 25th April you can book one for £150.

Spaces are incredibly limited so be speedy!

(via Skype/phone call only)

with a bonus of 30 days of email support


We will cover things such as:

  • Giving your big vision incredible focus and clarity

  • Time leverage (scheduling, outsourcing)

  • Understanding the importance of great branding

  • Knowing your target audience/customer inside and out

  • Creating a fool-proof social media and content schedule

  • Your positioning in your field

  • Perfecting your pre and post launch marketing schedule

After the session, you'll have the confidence to start and the energy to reach your goals with a clear action plan from idea to launch (or relaunch), so that you can feel empowered, calm and connected to start creating the life that you desire and deserve.

are you ready? let's get to it.