A burst pipe can lead to several issues, including expensive repairs such as replacing the damaged parts of your property and a big loss in revenue if your business happens to be located inside the building. It’s important to assess the damage as soon as you notice it happening so that an expert plumber like us can quickly fix the issue and prevent further problems afterward.

What’s a burst pipe?

Burst pipes are something that every household must prepare themselves for because they can happen at any time of the year. When the water within one’s pipe freezes, it causes the pipe to weaken and grow in size which will cause it to crack and leak. 

This could be a potential danger if the water isn’t contained, so we highly recommend checking on the condition of your plumbing system during every season of the year to be sure it’s working properly.

Causes of a pipe burst

The biggest cause of pipe burst is frozen water! But there are other reasons:

  • Ageing – Although pipes are created of metal, they can in fact rust from the inside due to things like water pressure. A partner to ageing and rusting is water pressure! Although this type of manufacturing defect is uncommon, it can still lead to problems. As you can see, a great solution for “bursting pipes” is regular maintenance and repair. If your plumbing has failed more than once, consider contacting a plumber derby immediately.
  • Tree roots – The roots of trees are like the links in an application. These links grow toward any solution that is close. If they reach a solution, they can trigger a pipe burst and cause damage to other solutions down stream.
  • Poor installation – Poorly installed pipe joints or weak connections can cause pipe leaks and possible burst!
  • Hard water – Water containing minerals like magnesium and calcium can corrode pipes, boreholes in them, and let out water

Pipes are an essential part of your property and it’s important to make sure they are in shape so as to prevent them from leaking or bursting. If you suspect that some of your pipes at home may be weak or rusty, then the best thing you can do is consult a professional plumber like the Plumbers Derby who will come out and perform necessary repairs for you.

Warning signs of a leaking pipe

Most of the time, pipe burst is the result of leaking or worn-out pipes. The following are tell-tale signs of imminent danger:

  • Wall stains – One way to tell if you have a leaky pipe is if there are stains on the wall near your pipes. And the tricky thing is that you might see stains or watermarks at places where pipes can’t immediately be seen such as behind furniture or in unfinished areas of the house.
  • Water discolouration – You can tell if you’ve got rusty pipes by the colour of your water. If the water coming out of your faucet is yellowish or brown in colour, then that’s a sign that you have rust in your pipes.
  • Low water pressure – This one mostly happens. Losing water pressure can cause a lot of issues for homeowners. The pressure drop might be caused by hard water deposits, or a pipe may have burst.

Have you noticed any of these in your home lately? Hurry now and call Plumbers Derby to avoid severe and costly plumbing issues.

The Risks Of Having A Burst Pipe In Your Home

The most common risk of a pipe burst is flooding and water damage to your properties. Depending on the location where it happens, you may have water behind your walls and in the flooring, under the ground or even in your sitting room! Standing water is always a safety hazard, especially when it’s never been appropriately treated with bacteria destroying chemicals after falling into standing water. 

Moreover standing water can also spread pathogenic microorganisms which can increase the chances of electric shock as well as it may become a breeding ground for them too…