5 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix them

Dripping faucets

The dripping sound that emanates from your kitchen or restroom faucet at night drives you crazy no matter how many times you fix it or try to mask the sound by drowning it out with some music, you still don’t get any sleep. Eventually, you have no choice but to ask a plumbing technician for help and spend some dough on a water bill after all.

You can fix dripping faucets easily by replacing the washer. A worn-out, damaged, or torn washer usually causes this type of problem. Washers are necessary for all taps because they control what happens when you turn the water off. Usually, one finds a rubber or silicone-based washer that becomes dislodged as they wear down with age. This means that water continues to drip from a tap even after turning it off and often this goes unnoticed until your floor is drenched in water!

Leaky pipes

This is the most expensive form of plumbing repair as you have to replace the pipe entirely. Some people think they can do this themselves by using epoxy tubes, but these are only a temporary solution – they should really call a plumber if they want their problem to be solved properly. If you don’t fix a leaky pipe properly, it can cause severe problems such as corrosion, excess pressure, and internal leaks that may not be noticed until it’s too late. Leaks can often be detected because there will be wet patches on your floors or stains around your taps.

With temperatures often around freezing at night, winter is a difficult time for water pipes. They are subject to damage due to the expansion of water in the pipes as it freezes. Ice can also cause an increase in pressure that could result in bursting pipes which can be very expensive and require a hired plumber to fix. However, you can prevent the problem of frozen pipes by insulating the water tanks and pipes properly.

Mould on the walls

Mould is a form of fungus that develops in places that are wet and humid for a long period of time. It is usually found on indoor walls, mainly caused by the accumulation of excessive moisture leading to plumbing leakages. Although mould in its green or brown colour emits an odd stench, it may be harmful to your health.

When it comes to inhaling mould, make sure you’re very careful as it can have a negative impact on your respiratory system. When one is exposed to mould for long periods of time, this could lead to health concerns such as asthma and respiratory problems.

Strong smell

The smell of a blocked drain coming from anywhere in your home is a sure-fire sign that you have been neglecting your pipes and this can pose a serious health risk to the whole family if something isn’t done quickly. The cause of a blocked drain leading to a damp and unhygienic environment is mainly due to trapped food which decomposes retaining moisture and rotting down into something smelly. The very first thing to do when you find yourself confronted with this nasty build-up is filling the sink up with bleach and hot water which will easily pass through the pipe until it reaches the area where all that rotten food has settled down.

Running Toilet

Water keeps flowing even after flushing the toilet. This can be as annoying as a dripping tap. The problem could be a defective flapper valve so you shall replace it with a new one. A running toilet can occur if the valve is not fixing the water level well that drains to the bowl easily. When both valves are not balanced, they will allow water from the tank to pass through them.

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